Thank you

i first want to thank Uncle Chuck (the silent one) for coming to my house (even after i had drank all the beers and had none to offer)…and setting up this new BB web site.

His Patience with me is remarkable.

And i want to thank Island Kid (Chris Galli) who twenty+ years ago helped me load some of my surf picture to web sites.

i didn’t know about copy and pasting back then so i would type something like this….. …………….(http://()………………..

over and over to launch each picture over my 56k modem… it took a very long time………..

i enjoy taking pictures, especially surf pictures and making memories…

Here is and old memory of when i first started surfing down at Boynton Beach.

i was a lifeguard (so i got paid to surf) and someone took this film picture of me carrying the rescue board along the beach.

They gave me this picture and a few others that i still have today.

The film has faded a little and so has the memory but a least i have some proof that i was a lot thinner back then even if i don’t remember it so well!

i don’t remember who took this picture of me 40 ++ years ago.

But thank you!

And if i should take a picture of you ……and in forty + years you still have it and it stirs a memory,

then i will be stoked!

Burry McGee

Carrying my surf (Rescue) Board...1966

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